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Internet Dial-Up

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Get online anywhere at anytime!

Rendall Technology dial-up is for people who need to use the Internet, but enjoy the freedom of not being tied into an expensive, fixed location broadband subscription.

  • No monthly subscription fee
  • No sign-up fee
  • No additional software
  • No need to change phone companies
  • No time restrictions

Pay as you go

All you pay is the cost of a normal local rate phone call for the duration you are online. This means you can easily control the amount you spend and don't have to worry about subscription fees or contracts.

I have broadband, why would I need dial-up?

You can always have both. The advantage of a dial-up service is that if there are any problems with your broadband supplier you could use your dial-up service as a back up. Also a dial-up service can be used from any location, your home, office, your friend's place, a hotel - anywhere there is a telephone line.

Note: Rendall Technology is a virtual ISP.

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