Scott Rendall website

Senior Web Application Developer

A new responsive personal blogging website is published for Scott Rendall.

The new version has the same familiar look and feel as the existing desktop version but with an auto adjusting width for varying screen sizes on different devices. It features an avatar with profile summary and comment at the top of each page, simple clear site navigation at the foot of each page and the same cool blue faded background.

The home page has listings for the news, photo gallery and guestbook - news and photo gallery listings have title, description, date and a thumbnail image for each entry. The optimised photo gallery features a thumbnails and slideshow page, with user comments for each album. The news section contains full news articles with photo, user comments and RSS news feed. The guestbook contains user comments as featured throughout the site with administrator email notification on every new comment.

The secure custom-built and fully integrated content management system has also been given the mobile treatment for writing on the go - this system allows the author / administrator to edit the profile, news articles, photo albums and user comments.

All photos are optimised for mobile via a custom-built image generator (reducing the size, download times and connection costs) with 'loading' animations. The site also has custom error pages, custom error event log and support-desk email notification. The website has been built with Visual Studio 2008, ASP.Net 3.5 using VB.Net and conforms to W3C XHTML 1.0 Transitional, CSS 2.1, RSS, WAI-A WCAG 1.0 and is HTC Android mobile compatible.