Web Hosting

Run your internet business with our web hosting services.

Rendall Technology provides Domain Name System (DNS), Email, web and application hosting services for our clients. The power and reliability of our hosting is now available to anyone with a website.

Hosting services

Our servers and network hardware are state of the art, built on industry leading network technology with fibre connections. All our systems are built with failsafe power and backup facilities, and our service facilities are equipped with multiple high-speed Internet connections for maximum uptime. All systems are monitored on a full-time basis.

Managed hosting

If you require service, support or help in building or running your e-business, Rendall Technology offers full-service Domain Name System (DNS), Email, web and application hosting plans. Managed hosting combines reliable server platforms, powerful software, and robust service and support from our team of web development and support experts.

Dedicated or collocated servers

We can provide dedicated or collocated servers for your special e-business needs. Please contact us for pricing information.

Rendall Technology is a virtual Hosting Provider.