Development Methodologies

We use the latest software development methodologies to meet your business needs.


We favour the Agile software development framework, based on the Iterative model (so to is the IBM Rational Unified Process, Dynamic Systems Development Method, and Extreme Programming), suitable for large scale software development projects.

The Agile model promotes development iterations, open collaboration, and process adaptability throughout the life-cycle of the project. We choose to do things in small increments, encouraging customer feedback. This helps to minimise the overall risk, and allows us to adapt to changes more quickly.


The traditional Waterfall method (sequential software development model) is suitable for small to medium scale software development projects, when the requirements can be clearly defined at the outset. This reduces the risk of time and cost overruns, resulting in a single delivery.


We use Rapid Application Development (RAD) for small scale development projects or prototyping, often in conjunction with the iterative model. This allows us to begin the build process earlier, whilst maintaining quality and deployment procedures, and produce engaging software applications within shorter time frames.